About Us

Lovable Stuff

Bartley’s designs, manufactures and sells quality 100% Jamaican handcrafted wooden furniture, jewelry and household items. The products of this company are made from real Jamaican wood and include the artwork of gifted Jamaican craftsmen.

Bartley’s All in Wood designs, manufactures and sells quality 100% Jamaican handmade wooden traditional and contemporary furniture, jewellery and home accessories and headed by young Branson Centre Entrepreneur and National Bakery Bold One in Manufacturing for 2014; Lacey–Ann Bartley. Our pieces are works of art that reflect Caribbean Culture & the emotions and experience of our artists one hand made inch at a time. Bartley’s is a social responsible business which provides employment for vulnerable populations and uses the off- cuts of furniture production;

People + Planet +Profit + Partnership+ Passion= Bartley’s All in Wood


To showcase the creativity of Jamaican people through world-class wood products and furniture, produced by an empowered and united industry.


“To build a profitable company that designs and manufactures high quality, innovative Jamaican furniture and wood products; produced sustainably by an empowered and passionate team that serves its customers with courtesy and professionalism.”

Our  products include:

  • Hotel Amenities
  • Signs
  • Souvenirs
  • Plaques, Trophies and Awards
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Gifts and Novelties
  • Wedding Tokens and Gifts
  • Lifestyle and Designer Pieces for the Home
  • Customized Pieces

We aim to change the landscape of the Jamaican Furniture and Wood Products Industry while ‘using our business as a force for good’.

Located in Mandeville, the business was borne from the family business Bartley’s Furniture. Each piece made with love. Our hallmark is quality finishes, and personalised service. We work with an array of wood types including: Cedar, Guango, Mahogany, Blue Mahoe, Poplar, and Pine among others. Our products are designed and tested based on the feedback and demands from our customers. Our product line is expanded based on the suggestions of our clients. Our products  are uniquely designed, some using the “Outta Many One Wood” concept (mixed wood) which is visually appealing and used by very few competitors. Much of the material used for Bartley’s jewellery and household items is obtained from the off cuts of furniture production, including our renowned WOOGIE.   Our products can be found in shops  island-wide.

Our custom made furniture is also handmade from genuine Jamaican wood and feature both contemporary and traditional designs.

Outlets for our Lifestyle Pieces and Souvenirs: 

  • My Jamaica, Liguanea Plaza, Kingston (Carlene Collection and Ornaments)
  • Things Jamaican, Devon House, NMIA & All Stores (Full Lacey Ann and Carlene Collection)
  • UWI Bookshop, Mona Campus (Woogies, Jewellery and Executive memorabilia)
  • Casa de Xaymaca, NMIA and MBJ Airports
  • Fontana, Mandeville and Montego Bay

Our Services:

  • Furniture design, refinishing and repair
  • Custom furniture design and replication

We aim to expand the business and capitalize on the growing market for genuine Jamaican made wooden pieces and authentic Jamaican furniture. It is our long term objective is to export to the Caribbean, Jamaican and Caribbean Diaspora. This growth in business will lead to an increase in jobs, revenue for our investors and foreign exchange for Jamaica.

The management team consistent of Lacey-Ann Bartley, owner and Dwayne Evans, supervisor and skilled artists with thirty years of experience. Ms. Bartley has a Bachelor’s degree in Operations Management, has experience in planning and coordination and is a part of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship- Caribbean.

About the face of Bartley’s:

Lacey-Ann Bartley is a young female born in Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica, she has a passion for her family, her community and Jamaica; her business encompasses all three elements.   It has always been her dream to take over her family furniture business  which was spearheaded by her father Stanford Bartley, a furniture manufacturer with over 40 years’ experience, being a part of the Branson Centre of Entrepreneurship has made this dream a reality. The first of two children, she grew up working in her father’s wood workshop and learned the trade at an early stage. All four members of the family take part in production.

My work is the window to my soul bearing things that words can’t, expressing emotions only wood can; Shaped by love gained and lost, indented by strength and finished with resilience and faith.   – Lacey Ann D Bartley