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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Bartley’s offers the finest handmade wood creations. Hard wood & Outta Many One Wood pieces will never be identical only similar, it is impossible to recreate an absolutely identical piece, handmade wooden pieces may reveal slight imperfections, in the form of wood knots and hand tool marks, wood grains and colour irregularities, or even a slightly asymmetrical form, these irregularities reveal that a skilled human hand produced the wooden pieces, rather than a mass producing machine. Please remember that insubstantial variations in shape, size, colour compared to the catalogue photograph or samples or art displayed in the gallery are not production defects but are typical of the bespoke productions. All pre-ordered commissions are non returnable as each creation is specially made for the individual customer, each piece is unique and unrepeatable and no two pieces are ever identical.
Designs are property of Bartley’s Craft and should not be replicated without express written permission from the owners. No returns on custom orders.


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