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Sales Administrator

At Bartley’s All in Wood, we are always seeking to meet our goals, plan, excel and provide WOW Customer Service. If you want to join a team of like-minded, creative individuals, we want you on-board. Email your resume & cover letter to jobs@bartleysallinwood.com.jm with the subject ‘(Your Name) Sales Admin’. Sales experience is an asset!...

Support Wood, Create Work

To be skilled is great power! Jamaica is the “Land of Wood and water.” We have great people, great legacy and a great Brand. We have a beautiful culture that can be captured in anything, especially wood. We have vibrant colours, different motifs and world-class local craftsmanship. I want to showcase to the world the...

Tips for taking care of your pastry board

After use, hand-wash the pastry board in warm soapy water, rinse it clean, and wipe it dry. DO NOT soak in water. Buff with a soft cloth. At least every three months or whenever the wood looks dry, reapply a oil finish, such as mineral oil or coconut oil, to prevent water from penetrating and...

How to style a Woogie!

You may wonder what on earth is a Woogie ©? Watch as I show you how to style a Woogie- (woog-ee): noun- a “Outta Many One Wood” © hair toggle / clip by Bartley_s .Totally fab and chic from 100% Jamaican Wood!

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