Frequently Asked Questions

Answer: We work with an array of wood types including: Cedar, Guango, Mahogany, Blue Mahoe, Poplar, and Pine among others

– My Jamaica, Liguanea Plaza, Kingston (Outta Many One Wood Coasters)

– Sanaa Studios, Barbican (Carlene Collection)

– Things Jamaican, Devon House, NMIA & All Stores (Full Lacey Ann and Carlene Collection)

– UWI Bookshop, Mona Campus (Woogies, Jewellery and Executive memorabilia)

– Casa de Xaymaca, NMIA and MBJ Airports (Woogies, Jewellery and Home Accessories)

– Proactive Lifestyle, Tropical Mall, Tropical Plaza (Woogies)

– Earth Elements, Constant Spring Road (Woogies)

Furniture can be ordered directly: 1876-348-0934 [email protected]

Mandeville, Manchester, Jamaica 

Yes, Our  Food Service pieces have a food safe coating of beeswax and oils.

Carbon sequestration is a natural or artificial process by which carbon dioxide is removed from the atmosphere and held in solid or liquid form.  By Collecting wood off cuts and waste into pieces rather than disposing of them we prevent the releasing Carbon into the atmosphere, there by reducing the carbon footprint. 

We are in the process of seeking funding for our tree planning programme.

The wood we use for furniture is from responsible suppliers and not from any forest reserve or protected areas. 

Use and Care

There are some simple things you can do to protect your fine furniture and wood products during everyday use. Following some of these tips can extend the life of the finish and the furniture itself.

  • Do Not Expose to Extreme Heat! Very hot items such as a sauce pan or baking dish should never be placed on a tabletop, even with a hot pad.
  • Avoid direct sunlight. Placing your furniture away from windows or blocking direct sunlight will help to protect your furniture from the damaging UV rays. Tinting your windows is another consideration and sometimes even recommended to help protect fine furniture from UV damage.
  • Keep away from open flame.
  • Never place burning candles on a finished wood surface. As the candle burns down and the wax melts, it can generate and transfer enough heat to damage the finish and wooden surface.
  • Avoid using household solvent-based products such as fingernail polish and polish removers around an unprotected finished surface. In case of spills, blot the spill immediately, do not wipe as this will spread the spill and may cause further damage. If the surface has not been damaged, clean and polish the piece.

If the finish has been damaged, call us for a professional evaluation.

Cleaning and Polishing

  • Cleaning your wood furniture regularly will help in maintaining the value your fine furnishings. Dusting and cleaning removes the build up of grease, lint and dust that can get ground into or soften the finish.
  • Cleaning your furniture should be done with a soft lint free cotton cloth dampened with water or furniture polish following the pattern of the grain. Cleaning your furniture with a dry rag can cause scratches to the finish. Use a light touch and rotate your cleaning cloth frequently.
  • Natural Oils and Polishes are recommended for polishing.

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