Exotic Wood Rasta Car Ornament

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This from our “Spoken Wood” brand is a piece of Jamaica you can always hang in your vehicle. It’s made with wood from Jamaica and is a simple and neat design to suit your souvenir needs. The material used in this item is carefully selected by our team, made with the utmost and intricate attention to the details of the designs. The Rasta Man is a Cultural Icon in Jamaica & so is the Jamaican Market woman.

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Bartley?s offers the finest handmade wood creations, which will never be identical only similar, it is impossible to recreate an absolutely identical piece, handmade wooden pieces may reveal slight imperfections, in the form of wood knots & tool marks, wood grains & colour irregularities, or even a slightly asymmetrical form, these irregularities reveal that a skilled human hand produced the wooden pieces, rather than a mass producing machine. Please remember that variations in shape, size, colour compared to the catalogue photograph or samples or art displayed in the gallery are not production defects but are typical of the bespoke productions. Wood is a living material therefore it changes over time; with the application of surface treatment we protect the wood, we enhance the intrinsic beauty of the material and prolong its life. Each piece is unique and unrepeatable and no two pieces are ever identical.


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